Thursday, June 4, 2020

The Curl Factor

Let's talk about African American Brides in Boston - their makeup and natural hair styles.

Over the last few years, I have had the opportunity to work with some brides who decided to wear their natural coils on their wedding day. I love the idea of some fabulous makeup along with some popping curls!  It’s definitely a change in trend - which is always fun to see. Natural hair styles always make a great combination with soft natural makeup or with a bold lip color;  it just depends on the bride's personal style.

In recent trends, I am beginning to notice more brides who don’t want to wear processed hair on their wedding day.  Lately, brides are opting for hairstyles that embrace their natural curls because it makes them feel more like themselves, and that’s totally understandable - and inspiring!  Whether it’s a loose or tight curl, short or long hair, there are many ways to style, and of course they can complete the look with the accessory of their choice, (flowers, elegant cages, etc.)

I loved working with each bride below on their wedding day, and I just have to say that I absolutely loved the results of their entire look, from hair to makeup.  Each bride glowed in her own unique way.

Ally was my first wedding of 2020! She wore a soft makeup look with a red lip. You can see she decided to decorate her curls with a side accessory - I love the way it came out!

Photography: Rachel Rodgers Photography

Just look at Courtney! She chose an updo with a cage, which is always timeless.  She went with a soft and natural look for her makeup, and it was stunning.

Annmarie wore a traditional updo with a soft makeup look. Gorgeous.

Samara's look was a classic afro, paired with a flower accessory and a bold lip - a perfect combo!

This here was was a styled photo shoot.  We styled Samara's hair up with a romantic veil and soft natural makeup.

Photography: Fritzmean Photography

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