Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Why is it Important to Prepare before a Photography Session?

If you are investing in a professional photography session, there are many different factors you should spend time focusing on leading up to the days of your session. It's important to budget time and money on the expenses it takes to perfect your photo shoot, because having well groomed hair, eyebrows, and skin will make a huge difference in the way your photos look.

What are some key factors you should keep in mind before being photographed?

Whether you’re the person who loves being photographed, or the person who shies away from the camera, and whether it’s bridal or portrait photography, sometimes you just can't avoid having your picture taken. To help make these times a little easier, there are some important details you should keep in mind. 

Let me explain...

Recently I was having a conversation with a friend of mine, who happens to be a photographer in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area, and most of our conversation was about the importance of preparing before a photography session.

We came to the conclusion that some clients underestimate the importance of self grooming. There’s absolutely no doubt that the better prepared you are, the happier you will be with the outcome of your photos. 

Here are a couple things to think about:

*With HD photography, it’s possible to see every single detail; extra facial hair, etc.  For women: think about hair underneath the chin, mustache, peach fuzz, etc.  Even though makeup can help acne from appearing, sometimes skin issues can still prevail and be visible in photos, leaving the photographer to do additional modifications to the photos. 

*Put your best foot forward. It maximizes the possibility of looking your best.

*Makeup - having your makeup applied professionally. There are professional makeup artists for a reason - they know exactly how to apply makeup to maximize your attractive features. Invest in a professional - their whole job is to make you look and feel beautiful.

*Hair - your hair should be styled professionally - remember that your hair frames your face, which is the main focal point of yourself. Your hair should be neat, smooth, and out of your eyes, etc.

*Wardrobe - choose clothes that fit your body well, that you are comfortable posing in. Decide which color, style, and fit looks and feels best on you and matches the style of the photo shoot. It's important to keep in mind the look you are going for.

*Keep your eyebrows and extra hair professionally groomed (make sure your skin is clean/smooth/and free of extra unwanted hairs) - Make an appointment to be waxed, threaded, microbladed - whatever path you choose for your eyebrows - it's important to make sure they are clean and neat right before a photoshoot.

*Keep it smooth! Get rid of excess skin! (Think microdermabrasion, exfoliating scrubs, etc.) You want your skin to appear smooth and fresh in your photos. Remember that the makeup application process is easier and looks smoother on the skin when it is newly exfoliated. Your skin will appear brighter and you will glow in your photos!

*Drink water! h2o is your best friend! Proper hydration helps keep your skin looking fresh, young, clear, and most importantly moisturized. (Keeping up with your water intake is something you should do at all times, not just right before a photography session!)

*Manicures/Pedicures - nothing feels better than having fresh nails and toes, am I right?  It not only helps your hands and feet to look more appealing, but a clean and crisp set of fingernails and toenails are what other people notice as well.  Oftentimes, your hands or feet will be noticeable in your photos, so you want to make sure to invest in a manicure or pedicure before your session.  Make sure not to wait too long, because you don't want chipped nails to show!

*Get enough sleep the night before. You already know how great it feels to wake up feeling rested after a good 8 hours of sleep, right? And I'm sure you know how it feels to wake up after only a couple hours of sleep. The difference is huge, and it is visible too. You will both look and feel so much more alert, awake, and bright in your photos if you make sure to get to bed early the night before. No one wants to have dark under-eye circles in their pictures!

If you keep these little tips in mind, you can expect great results from your photography session. The time and money is well worth it!

Photography: Page Gordon