Friday, April 10, 2020

A Massachusetts North Shore Wedding in August

This lovely bride, Stania, got married in August in Beverly, MA. She opted for a simple, yet beautiful wedding on a warm summer day.

As you've read in my previous posts, it's important to have your wedding makeup professionally applied, especially if you plan to get married in the summer. Professional makeup artists will ensure they provide you with the look you want, protecting your look from fading, dripping, or melting from sweat or tears. This is also why it's a good idea to plan a makeup consultation before you big day, so you and your artist can discuss the type of makeup that will best suit your skin and stay on all day and night, no matter the weather or temperature.

As you can see by the fun Stania and her bridesmaids were having, their makeup wasn't something they had to worry about - it lasted throughout the duration of the wedding, and they all looked stunning!

Photo Credit: Fritzmean Photography


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