Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Natural Beauty :: Soft Summer Weddings in Massachusetts

I love when a bride asks for a natural look.  It's fun applying makeup while also making sure not to lose touch of the natural features of the bride.  Ali was a bridal client who was referred to me by another bride I worked with a couple of years back.  (FYI - I love referrals! Word of mouth is an excellent resource for building your business, and it's great for brides to have someone they trust!) Ali and her bridal party all opted for a minimal, soft and natural look.  Their easygoing personalities made it so enjoyable to achieve the look they all wanted.

The wedding day started out raining, but when it stopped, it turned out to be beautifully picturesque, giving the perfect light and canvas for photos.

Wedding: August 4, 2018
Location: Wellesley College Club
Photographer: Michael Orzell Photography

I feel so lucky for the opportunity to work with such great people.  Another bride I had the pleasure of working with was Annmarie (along with her bridal party!)  We went for a very soft and natural look as well, per the request of the bride.  I loved working with these ladies as they were so pleasant.  Annmarie's sister and mother were a joy!  It's always fun working with such sweet bridal parties, and their sweetness certainly shows in these photos!

Wedding: June 16, 2018
Location: Le Meridien Cambridge MIT
Photographer: Benita Patel


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