Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Keeping it Real: Be Prepared on the Day of the Wedding!

As a makeup artist, I have witnessed many brides and their last minute "to-do" list.  It has certainly given me a lot of knowledge and information that I am able to pass on to brides as they prepare for their big day.  So, here's my list of tips... I hope it helps!

Eyebrows and extra hair
Make sure your eyebrows are professionally cleaned before the big day! If you have sensitive skin, make sure it’s done a few days before the wedding, in case you have any post redness or irritations.  It’s important to give your skin some recovery time in case you get any post irritation.  Remember, eyebrows frame the face!

Don’t forget to get rid of chin hair, mustache hairs, and peach fuzz.  You want to avoid your makeup sitting on top of small hairs because it tends to show on HD photography.

Keep it smooth! Get rid of the excess dead skin

Let’s face it, some of us do a better job than others at taking care of our skin, and some are just blessed with great skin.  Nevertheless, you should do some prepping before the big day.
Please make sure that you exfoliate your skin so your face feels and looks smooth, and the makeup doesn’t sit on top of those extra unnecessary layers.  Spend a little extra time exfoliating the corners of your nose, since dead skin tends to accumulate in that area.  You might have to do this a few times a week during a period four to six weeks because it takes time to see the difference on your skin.  

Nowadays, they sell some great drugstore exfoliators, or if you have a little extra money, they now have some electric ones.  My favorite is the Sonicare Mia!

With all the commotions of the wedding, the hot weather, and the dancing, you’ll probably sweat.  

When you sweat:

Do not rub the sweat from your face.  Blot, blot, blot girl!  Blotting will avoid your makeup from disappearing or shifting.

Buy some blotting paper, and use it absorb excess oil throughout the duration of the wedding if you find yourself shining or sweating.  Tissue would be just fine to blot the sweat from your face after dancing.

Lip touch ups
Unless you hired a makeup artist who will stay with you for hours, you will probably need to give yourself a few lip touch ups throughout the duration of your wedding.  After the ceremony, the cameras are still rolling, and you can’t afford to forget to make sure your lip color is still there.   Don’t forget to carry a lipstick, or at least a lip gloss, and apply it once in a while so your lips are never bare.  When you look back at your pictures ten, twenty, thirty years later, you look fabulous in all of them.

Getting the Prep room ready

Weather you’re getting ready at a hotel, the venue, or someone’s home, it is very important that you keep the following factors into consideration before getting ready.

Lighting   It is extremely important-  The room with lots of windows is ideal for makeup, so if it’s possible, please make sure the makeup is being done close to the windows even if there isn’t a lot of sunlight.

Temperature control
With curling irons and blow dryers going in the same place as makeup, the room can get warm really fast.   It is highly recommended that the bridal party gets ready in a room where the temperature can be controlled.

At home:

It is of extreme importance that during the hot summer months that the prep room is air conditioned.  It’s can be unpleasant to sweat while you’re getting ready.  Your curls may drop, and your makeup may disappear a little faster.  Moreover, it can be very uncomfortable for your makeup artist and hairstylist to work under those conditions.  

I hope all of these tips help to make your special day as smooth and exciting as possible!

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