Thursday, April 14, 2016

Black and White Wedding Photography

Black and white photography is timeless. It is classic, elegant, and simple.  This is likely hwy black-and-white photography is preferred for documenting expressive moments.  People can focus right on the heart of your photo, the love in your eyes, without being distracted by lots of colors. The less colors your eyes have to process, the crisper an image is to grip.  This is why a lot of engagement and bridal photos are done in a flawless black and white scheme. I love the look of timeless black and white photography, especially when it comes to wedding photos. But keep in mind, your makeup should be done by a professional artist who knows how to give you lots contrast while maintain natural look.

If you choose to go with black and white photography for your wedding, some tips your makeup artist might consider are:
-Using light around eyes and on cheek bones to enhance or highlight your features.
-Contouring under cheek bones and jawlines for definition and contrast.
-Using plenty of powder to reduce excessive shine in the photos.
-Avoiding dark red lipstick in black and white photos. It can sometimes show up black if the shade is too dark.
-Lining your eyes to make sure they stand out.
-Darkening and shaping eyebrows so they don’t disappear in the photos..

Black-and-white wedding photography brings the subject of the photo into focus. It can capture the most innocent and real, raw moments such as kisses, the innocence in children’s eyes, and the way the bride and groom look at each other during the exchanging of rings.  Oftentimes, photographers will zoom in on what they want to focus on, and blur out the background in a soft black and white way, focusing directly on the bride, groom, or whatever the subject of the photo may be.
Black-and-white photos can also play a part in masking small imperfections and blemishes, as the tones cannot pick up on the red, blotchy tones the skin may have.  This isn’t to say you should never use color photos, because color photography is perfect for capturing the hues of the flowers, the deep tones on your lips, the shimmering of the dresses.  It’s a good idea to have your wedding photographer play with different types of color schemes.

Also, don’t forget that black and white photos tend to last longer than color.  They don’t seem to fade as quickly, preserving your special moments for lots of years to come.  This ensures you can pass your moments on and share these photos as your family grows.
Don’t forget to book a consultation with your makeup artist before your big day, and make sure you let her know if you are choosing to go with black and white photography.  You can work together to create a beautiful and elegant look that will create stunning and timeless photos like the ones above, captured from brides I have had the honor of working with.


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