Thursday, September 17, 2015

Make Up for Mature Women :: Massachusetts' Best!

In my years of doing makeup, I’ve come across a lot of older women who are very skeptical about wearing a full face of makeup.

Some women are timid because they think that all makeup, including the application is "cakey", like it was many years ago.  Of course makeup has evolved drastically over the years, so it is possible these days to make a big difference with little makeup.  It's exciting to show how a little makeup can surely go a long way!

Some women have never worn any makeup, so it’s very difficult to imagine themselves any different than they have been all their lives. This is completely understandable, but it can be so fun to show them how I can enhance their look for an elegant event such as a wedding.

In order to build some trust when I have to work with older women, I sometimes have to spend a little time convincing them that makeup can be a very important detail for their children’s wedding, especially since they will be photographed so much!

With a little explanation, and of course a makeup trial, I always make sure to build the trust that women need to feel confident and beautiful on the big day!


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