Friday, January 16, 2015

The Bridal Party :: Why Their Appearance is Important

When you’re chosen to be part of a bridal party, it’s unquestionably an honor. This means that the bride wants you standing next to her on quite possibly the biggest day of her life – and while she wants to feel like the most beautiful woman on earth, she wants the women at her side to feel and look just as beautiful. 

Some bridesmaids can get a little worried by this when it comes to their own appearance. They want to look exceptional, but they don’t want to outshine the maid of honor – who doesn’t want to outshine the bride. This is understandable, but on a wedding day, no one can really take away from the gorgeous glow of the wife-to-be! It’s essential for everyone in the bridal party to look elegant and feel their best, so that everyone can enjoy this special day together.

This is why I always stress the importance of a makeup consult with your makeup artist before the wedding. During a consult, everyone involved can get a feel for how they will look on the day of the wedding. If the bride feels like she wants an extra touch of something special to stand out from the bridesmaids, then she can let the artist know beforehand to reduce any last minute stress. When everyone is working together, things run smoother and everyone is stress-free. This alone can help create healthier, more radiant skin for the whole bridal party!

As you can see from the photos, the bride and her bridal party can all have their own individual makeup look while not taking the shine away from anyone. I was lucky to give all of these gorgeous girls their own unique look!