Monday, September 15, 2014

Preparation :: Tips for Trial and Wedding Day

I often encounter brides who have no idea how they envision their wedding makeup. It's a big day, and there are a lot of decisions to make! With so many little details on your wedding day, it's easy to become a bit stressed. Your makeup should be something to get excited over, never to stress over. So, even though most brides are open for ideas, I find that it makes a difference if they do a little homework before arriving to their wedding makeup trial.

Some tips I like to offer brides are:

1.     Search for some photos (at least 3) of made-up women that you like and bring them to your trial.  The photos should be of women who have similar features as yours.This helps the makeup artist have a better and more clear understanding of what you're hoping to achieve.  You can search on google, on wedding websites, or even in wedding magazines. Visuals are a key factor in ensuring that you have the look you want! 

2.   Take good care of your skin, especially in preparation for your wedding! Although many skin imperfections and blemished can be covered with makeup, it is important to have a skin regimen that will lead to healthy skin.  There is nothing like a healthy glow!  I find that that the better and healthier the skin is, the better the smoother the look will be! A smooth and clear complexion also makes your photographer’s job a little easier; they have to do less retouching. 

3.  Drink enough water and stay hydrated! Drinking water is essential to all parts of your health, including
     your skin. Making sure to drink enough h2o will decrease dry skin, and your makeup look will last all night! 

     With that being said, following these few steps will surely help both you and your makeup artist accomplish the best wedding look that works perfectly for you!

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