Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Massachusetts' Finest :: Asian Bridal Makeup

Here's a little update I'd like to share with you! Last weekend I had the pleasure of performing a makeup trial on Jenny, who is getting married in May.  Like many brides, she wasn't sure how she envisioned herself with makeup on her wedding day. The only thing she told me was that she wanted a soft look, with a hint of a glow. This look just happens to be my specialty!  

This is Jenny's look before we applied her trial:

This is Jenny's look after her trial was applied:

I created a look for her based on the information she gave me about her own personal style, and some details about her unique wedding day.   She told me that she would be wearing a traditional Vietnamese dress in the morning, which was red, and a white Western dress in the afternoon.  How pretty! Her makeup has to last a very long time, so I definitely went for airbrush foundation (see this previous post on airbrush makeup to see why it's so great for long lasting wear) and I chose just the right color for her lips that would not clash with her morning red dress.

What do you think?


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