Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Best in New England :: African American/Black Makeup

Sharon, July 21st, 2013: Martha’s Vineyard
When I met Sharon during her makeup trial in the spring, she explained to me that she wanted a very natural look, and most importantly, she wanted someone who could work well with her brown skin tone.  I was excited about working with her in Martha’s Vineyard, and flattered because she drove all the way from Connecticut to Massachusetts, for me to do her trial.  On her wedding day, I couldn’t have asked for a more fun and laid back bridal party, especially during the mid July summer heat!

Melissa, September 1st, 2013: Gloucester
Melissa also wanted a softer look.  Her wedding took place Gloucester, and her venue had a stunning view of the sea!  I had done her trial with brown and beige eye shadows, but she ended up changing her mind about her original look…she went with pinks and plums in the end.  She did not do a second trial, and I appreciate her total trust in me.  Even though she is a minimalist, she didn’t mind wearing a medium set of lashes, instead of small ones.  She tried them on the day of her trial, and she felt comfortable and adventurous enough to wear them on her wedding day.  Her bridesmaids were my kind of bridesmaids; they all wanted false lashes to enhance their makeup, and I didn’t have to do any convincing!

Plums and Berries
Because it’s often easier said than done to capture the right makeup/picture moment while working, photographing brides when they are made up and ready to go can be difficult as they rushing to leave, surrounded by a lot of people. Sometimes, I simply forget because I’m too focused on doing makeup.  For this reason, I do makeup for fun occasionally.   I did Della’s makeup a couple of times.  The first time I played with some eye colors and big lashes, which would work very well for a night out, or perhaps a traditional African wedding.  For the second look, I did a soft plum/berry look, similar to Sharon’s and Melissa.  I airbrushed her to give her super smooth skin, and used a different set of lashes for a softer look.