Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New England’s Best Wedding Makeup Hints :: How Eyebrows Frame The Face

With so many magazines and celebrity photos everywhere these days, it’s quite obvious that thicker eyebrows are the newest trend. While you don’t have to go overboard with filling your natural eyebrows in like some celebrities, it is sometimes a good idea to simply enhance the thickness of your brows. After all, eyebrows do frame the face.

Some women who have naturally light hair will also have light eyebrows, so adding a little enthusiasm to their brows is not a bad idea, especially for a bride on her wedding day. Adding just the right amount of color and thickness to the eyebrows can change the overall appearance of the face.

When a bride is at her makeup consultation, it’s important to discuss what type of eyebrow technique she wants to achieve. For example, the groundbreaking and popular trend right now is the heavy brow, but the heaviness should vary depending on the age, shape, and size of the bride’s face. Some women are afraid to highlight their brows because they don’t want to appear too dramatic, but with the skills of a trained makeup artist, together you can achieve the perfect depth, color, and size of your eyebrows’ appearance for your wedding day. This is again why a consultation is so important.

            See the photos below for a perfect example of how adding the right amount of boldness to the eyebrows can truly enrich the final look.