Thursday, May 2, 2013

City of Boston’s Top Wedding Makeup :: Choosing Your Makeup Look

Future brides will often wonder what the 'perfect' bridal makeup should look like. The truth is, it’s different for everyone, so there is no one right answer. This is why it’s important to schedule a makeup consultation before your wedding, so both the bride and the artist can choose what looks best.

When thinking about your final appearance on your big day, you might want to consider the following questions. If you need help answering them, don’t worry, this is what your makeup artist is trained in, and with their help, you can achieve your ideal look.
·        Are you hoping to maintain your own natural everyday look that makes you feel most comfortable?

·        Do you want to step outside your comfort zone just a bit?

·        Is there a theme you want to stay with based on your flowers, dress, and decorations?

·        Do you have a favorite facial feature that you want to accentuate?

·        Is there a feature you’d like to be toned down?

·        What specific colors do you want to wear?

·        Do you want to appear subtle, or do you want your make up to really stand out?
Once you have pondered these questions and come up with some answers, you should be good to go, and your consultation will run a lot smoother. Whatever path you choose, you will know it’s the one you planned, so you are sure to feel and look your best!


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