Monday, January 14, 2013

Boston's Best Makeup :: Why Are False Lashes Important?

     Every bride wants to both look and feel spectacular, yet comfortable, on the most important day of her life. So, it’s understandable why many women entertain the possibility of false lashes for their wedding day. If a bride is choosing to have her makeup applied by a professional, false eyelashes are an option that will truly complete her image --- they are purely a feature that will flatter and enhance the splendor of her eyes.

     There are various areas to consider when deciding to have false lashes applied. Of course, there are many different types of false lashes, such as strip lashes which are applied with an adhesive and last for one day, or eyelash extensions which are more costly but last longer. There are different sizes of false lashes as well, so having your makeup artist use the correct size on you is essential to your comfort. Because there are different and styles and sizes of false lashes, it is imperative for a bride to try them on the day of her wedding trial, especially if she is new to the world of lashes.

     No matter which route the bride decides to take, false lashes will make a vast difference on her final look. Not only will false eyelashes keep the focus on the bride’s overall facial appearance all night, they will help enrich the size and depth of her eyes. If the right lashes are chosen, a bride can still maintain her natural look and refrain from appearing and feeling “overdone.” Again, this is why it is important to have a professional makeup artist apply the lashes at the makeup trial. Keeping the false lashes on and wearing them out for a few hours after the trial is a perfect way to decide if they are for you.

Before & After
     When the wedding photographs are developed, it will become obvious why false lashes are becoming an essential part of a bride’s big day!

As you can see, false lashes create a beautiful effect from any angle