Friday, December 28, 2012

Boston's Best Makeup :: For the African American Bride

     In the past few months, I had the pleasure of working with the talented and fabulous hair stylist, Kathy from Hair Kstar and the brilliant photographer John Brewer. He has photographed countless professional models in the fashion industry, including Tyra Banks! While I had lots of fun working with both in the studio, I also cherished the moment of collaborating with them as they contributed to make the magic happen. As we all know, a bride doesn’t look picture perfect simply by the work of good makeup artist. A bride also needs a talented photographer and gifted hair stylist. I selected two “sisters” as models because I wanted to demonstrate how women of color can wear neutral and light tones and still look stunning.
      African American women have skin tones varying from light to dark. So, when it comes to her wedding day, enhancing her beauty with professional makeup is definitely a must since she will be photographed all day and night. Colors of undertone may change slightly on different areas of the face, so having your makeup applied by a skilled professional is key.
      After reading my recent post on airbrush makeup, you will most likely want to use that technique to maintain your stunning look all night.
      Dancing Cheek to Cheek- For lighter skin tones, colors such as bronze, apricot, and even light pinks will look elegant and flattering. Deeper rose and plum colored blush compliments darker skin wonderfully.
      You May Kiss the Bride- Neutral lips can add the perfect finishing touch to a bride who has skin on the lighter side. For medium and darker skin, beautiful colors in hues of dark berries or various shades of red are just enough to make your lips stand out without looking too enhanced.


      Remember, this is the bride’s night to shine!


  1. it really matter with the face cut and body structure as i have a round face. i would love it if you have styles for that. it would be a big help and i would appreciate it

  2. I agree that after reading your post on airbrush makeup, I will most likely want to use that technique to maintain my stunning look all night. I will talk to my wedding makeup artist about this.

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