Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Boston Wedding Makeup -- Smoky Eyes for Your Wedding Day

Makeup should reflect your personality. In spite of traditions, you should choose a look that reflects who you are. If you are a reserved woman, a minimalist, then the traditional look may be perfect for you. If you are someone who likes to make a statement and isn't afraid of changing your look (hair color, hair style, and experimenting with new makeup colors), you may want to try smoky eyes for your wedding day. "Smoky" does not necessarily imply black eye shadow. It's a misconception. Classic smoky eyes can be achieved with other colors such as browns (Sonya) and grays. This avoids the “goth” look. It is completely possible to look like an elegant bride with smoky eyes and not appear overly done. Top the look with some lashes, and apply a neutral lip color. This look makes for a gorgeous face, and you will be receiving compliments all night.

Observe these stunning pictures below, taken by the talented Lara Callahan, for an example of how you can wear smoky eyes on your wedding day and still look and feel delicate.